Welcome to Dulwich Hill ELC & Preschool

Educating children from 0 to 6 years old, the Dulwich Hill ELC & Preschool program encompasses the development of the whole child. Guided Meditation, Yoga and Music and Movement classes will ensure that every aspect of your child’s development is nurtured.

Our comprehensive focus on preschool education allows Dulwich Hill ELC & Preschool to specialise in ensuring that our pre-schoolers are school ready at the completion of our program.

Fees are tiered as follows

Babies and toddlers: $160 per day
2 - 3 years old: $150 per day
Preschool age: $118 per day

For our Babies and Toddlers this will include a full meal program comprising of morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Our Preschoolers are encouraged to bring lunch with them to begin preparing them for school and will also be provided with morning and afternoon tea.

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